User Agreement

User Agreement

This Agreement defines the terms of use of the Site BAVAJI Real Estates (hereinafter referred to as — « ») and its materials and services by the Users.

1.General Terms

1.1. Use of materials and services of the Site is governed by the applicable laws of the country.

1.2. This Agreement is a Public Offer. By getting an access to the Site materials the User is considered to have accepted the terms of the Agreement.

1.3. The Site administration has the right to change the terms of the Agreement unilaterally at any time. Any modifications shall take effect 1 day after posting a new version of the Agreement on the Site. If the User doesn't agree to the terms he is obliged to abandon the access to the Site and to cease the use of the Site materials and services.

2. Brokerage Charges

2.1 Rental Brokerage Charges

  • Residential / Commercial with or without fit out/ Industrial             *One month rent each from both parties
  • Renewal of Lease                                                            15 days commission for any renewal of lease from the LESSOR and LESSEE or the approaching party.

2.2 Temporary Rental Accommodation

  • 0 - 6 months :                     ½ month rent as commission from both parties
  • Any lease beyond 6 months :    1 month rent as commission from both parties.
  • Rental deposit exceeding 15 months :              2% commission from both parties

2.3 Sale Transaction Brokerage Charges

  • City (CMDA) Limits – Residential / Commercial  :               *2% on the sale consideration from each party we represent
  • Outside City (DTCP / Others) Limits                    :              *3% on the sale consideration from each party we represent
  • Sale of Industrial Land / Building & Agricultural Land outside city Limits  :              *4% on the sale consideration from each party we represent
  • Joint Venture Development  :              2% commission each from the developer / owner on the total land value.

Please note: GST @ 18% will be charged extra on the commission. * Conditions Apply

3. Responsibilities of the parties

3.1. The User agrees not to take any actions, which may be considered as violation of the law or the rules of the international law in the field of the intellectual property, copyrights and / or related rights, as well as any action that results or may result in malfunction of the Site and website services.

3.2. When citing the Site materials including copyright works use of the link to the site is obligatory.

3.3. Comments and other User's posts on the Site shall not contradict the rules of the Law and generally accepted norms of morality and ethics.

3.4. The User is warned that the Site administration is not liable for any visit and use of external resources, on the links which may be present on the Site.

3.5. The User agrees that the Site administration is not responsible and has no direct or indirect liabilities to the User for any loss or damage of the Site contents, registration of the copyrights and information of such registration, goods and services, available or derived from external websites or resources or any other contacts arising from the use of the information posted on the Site or links to external resources.

3.6. The User accepts that all the Site materials and services or any other part of it may be accompanied by advertising. The User agrees that the Site administration is not liable and doesn't have any obligations for such advertising

3.7. The registered user / Visiting user agrees that site administrator or site owner will change the phone of the visitor in the listed posting with site owner to better communicate with the potential buyer.

3.9. The registered user / visiting user/ property owner / property buyer agrees that usage of the site is not free and brokerage charges applicable to both parties i.e. property buyer and seller on the completion of the transaction , please refer the point no 2 and sub points for detailed brokerage charges. the website owner or owner of BAVAJI Real Estates company will collect you the charges,

3.9.1. The registered user / visiting user agrees to discuss personally with the site administrator for remaining terms and condition of the services.

4. Other terms

4.1. All possible disputes arising from this agreement or related to it shall be settled in accordance with the local law in the Chennai only.

4.1.1. we recommend any deviations found in the services please call to +91 9840760573 to resolve any issues.

4.2. Nothing in the Agreement shall be understood as establishment of Agents relations, partnership relations, relations on joint activities, personal recruiting relations or any other type of relations between the User and the Site administration which are not directly stipulated by this Agreement.

4.3. Inaction of the Site administration in case of any violation of the Agreement statements by the Users does not preclude the Site administration to take appropriate actions later in defense of its interests and copyrights on the Site materials protected by the law.

The user confirms that he/she is aware of the terms and conditions of this Agreement and assumes them.

BAVAJI Real Estates

Ver 2.1

Dated June 15, 2018